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An exciting year coming to an end

Summing up 2017, investment opportunities were available and overall things worked out. Neither Trump nor Kim Jong-un spoiled the party. Terrorism looks set to continue to plague us, but let’s hope for improvement next year. Thank you for reading this year and welcome back in February 2018!

Practical considerations for investors in private assets

Assets not listed on public markets are receiving much greater attention as pension schemes, insurance companies and other long-term investors are challenged to meet their return requirements through traditional investment strategies.

Year-in and year-out: our goal is to outperform in the US large-cap sector

High volatility environment preferred. Peter Pilavachi, Senior Product Specialist, Allianz Global Investors, answers questions about the Allianz Structured Alpha US Equity 250.

Global Sustainable Equity 2018 Outlook

Disruption is set to continue. We are often asked what interesting sustainable investment themes we see in the market. Looking into 2018 and beyond we believe the most dominant theme will continue to be disruption.

Where should investors look for opportunities in 2018?

After a turbo-charged 2017 investors have become nervous of a market sell-off. Among the signs: technology stocks have wobbled recently; high yield corporate bond spreads - the risk premium corporate bonds provide over government bonds - have narrowed to levels not seen since the financial crisis; and speculation has driven a bitcoin frenzy.

Q&A with Jupiter's James Clunie

Selecting specific shares to short. James Clunie is Head of Strategy, Absolute Return at Jupiter Asset Management, a position he has held since September 2013. After nearly 12 years as a manager of long-only funds early in his career, James made the decision to specialise in single stock short-selling, and returned to Edinburgh University where he graduated with a doctorate on the subject in 2009, and he has been putting theory into practice ever since. In this interview, James sheds light on what he seeks to achieve through short-selling and shares insights about some of the short positions he has held within the strategy in the last few years.