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Another eventful year

In our first issue in 2018, you can read about the social challenges of social media, we look at the uncertain outlook for fixed income, as well as how new technology is strengthening the case for investments in renewable energy.

Anchoring value investing

Investors often use equities as a means to access a company’s earnings growth. This approach solely focused on ‘growth’ as an anchor to investment can lead many investors to be blind to the price they pay for the growth they want to tap into.

Facing Hard Questions

Do people 'connect in meaningful' ways online? Or are they simply consuming trivial updates and polarising memes at the expense of time with loved ones? Is this facilitating foreign and / or populist propaganda that disrupts our democracies? Do we spend too much time on our phones when we should be paying attention to our families? Does technology make us 'alone together' and increase teen depression?

Forces of nature: the emerging solar and wind revolution

In north-western China’s arid Tengger desert lies a spectacular city. Not one of buildings but solar panels, and millions of them. This “Great Wall of Solar” covers 1,200km2 – only 100km2 less than Los Angeles. It is the latest development in China’s aspiration to be the world’s leader in solar power.

Fixed income: bear necessities?

As the prolonged era of extraordinary monetary policy winds down, our fixed income specialists consider what investors should have on the radar.

European Commissioner for trade Cecilia Malmström spoke at a seminar in Stockholm in early March.

The European Union will take action

The European union will impose countermeasures against the US import tariffs on steel and aluminium. That was the clear message from European Commissioner for trade Cecilia Malmström at a seminar in Stockholm.